Wonderful Naqsh

Hello friends, this is a wonderful blessing. Blessed is the brother to whom I have given the link. Click on the link given below and get this image. The tyrants say in the video they are all useful and friends this is for life time is for life as long as you stay blessed you will not be blessed you will not have any The illness will not come and no wrong thing will affect you. The closure will be on you and not you. It is a very powerful and rare thing that you have Keep it on the page One condition is that you have to be holy even if you really are, that is, you are not actually and the other thing is that if you can get yourself out of sin, then from big sin to big sin, you have It is necessary to protect oneself rather than to try and whoever has it, as long as it has, then they will not have poverty. Then there will be wealth and no sickness will come to them. He said that if there is a dispute in one’s house, there is a fight. It will also end. Or if you have any problems or if you are worried for some reason, then Allah will give you the grace of life for the sake of glory. He disease will expire by friends to share it with me, I remember at least ten people in the video call so that you are the official and charity for my brothers for Allah Hafiz Hafiz


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