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Why choosing BlaBla Connect?
With BlaBla Connect, you can make international calls to any phones in the world using the best low-cost rates available today. With no internet needed, no hidden fees for sending mobile top-ups, and no location requirement, connect to the world, right from your pocket.

BlaBla Connect proudly provides the lowest rates for the highest quality international calls today.

Use any kind of phone, to call any other kind of phone, anywhere in the world. It’s as simple as that.

BlaBla Connect works with you and your call requirement. That’s why you can enjoy low-cost call bundles, as well as limitless pay as you go plans.

* International Calling Anywhere in the World: You can call any person, anywhere in the world at your leisure. That’s right: the world is now in the palm of your hands.

* Low-Cost Call Rates: We’ve worked to secure the lowest call rates available on the market for your satisfaction.

* High-Quality Voice Calls: No more fuzzy sounding calls or hard-to-hear connections. Now you can truly hear your friend, family member, or coworker halfway around the world.

* Unlimited International Calling Bundles: Depending upon your call frequency, sign up with our unlimited international calling bundle plan.

* Balance Transfers: Rollover any BlaBla funds for future international calls.

* Airtime Top-Ups: Send international airtime top-up transactions to your friends and family around the world, directly from our app.

* Mini-Calls: Record a message, schedule it, and send it out to any phone throughout the world.

* Free International Calls Among BlaBla Users: Call and text fellow BlaBla Connect users for FREE, all day long.

* Enjoy additional features, like conference calls, push to talk audio texting, media sharing, stickers, and group messaging.


BlaBla Connect is as easy to use as when you make a regular call to a friend or a family member. You don’t need a new SIM or a new number. There are no contracts or hidden fees to worry about. Simply sign up for free, and use your current number as your caller ID.

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